What Is Diamond Painting?

Man’s creativity is channelized into different fields to bring out art. Art is the expression of human creativity in varied fields and these could be as varied as drawing, painting, sculpting, film making, literary art, performing arts like dance, music, and culinary art like cooking, wine making and baking.

In this article, we are going to discuss art that belongs to the painting genre, the art of diamond painting.

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is a very new art form that brings out the latent creativity in people. This is an art that is encouraging more and more people to try this creative hobby as it is not very difficult and most importantly is very satisfying.

Custom Diamond Painting is making waves among those who prefer to do it by themselves. The popularity of this art is soaring and within a very short period, it has created a huge reputation as one of the best art forms. Many people have taken this art as a hobby that is satisfying both mentally and physically.

Diamond painting is an artistic hobby that does not require very much talent or creativity. All the resources needed for this creative hobby is available in the form of a kit, with a few companies who have already established themselves as the place to look for when they need these resources.

The Process

Before you start your work, you have to familiarize yourself with all the components required to take the hobby seriously. The main components required are as follows:

  1. Differently colored diamonds in 3D and 5D sizes. 4. A Canvas
  2. A pad made of Wax 5. A diamond painting pen
  3. Tweezers 6. A tray to store the diamonds

With these resources, you are ready to show the world your creativity. Spread the canvas on your work table and open a pack of the diamonds and pour it into the tray. Remove the sheet on the wax pad and apply some wad on the tip of the diamond pen.

Next, peel a portion of the film on the canvas. Then use the diamond pen and pick the diamond from the tray and place it on the relevant portion of the canvas as indicated by the color table provided at the side. In this way use all the colored diamonds.

Once you have finished, you would have a truly creative art on your table.

We have discussed what is Diamond Painting and how people can get involved in this creative art as a hobby by getting the DIY resources available with specific suppliers. Custom diamond painting brings out the creativity of people to the fore.

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