Commercial Kitchen Equipment – Review

Commercial kitchen and catering equipment are the backbone of the hospitality industry.

The need for quality equipment is growing manifold in line with the growth of the hotel industry. The growth has also necessitated the need for manufacturers and suppliers of excellent quality kitchen and catering service equipment.

Ian Boer

Ian Boer Refrigeration & Catering Equipment is a highly reputed company from Victoria, Australia. Started in the year 1986, this 34-year-old company is renowned for the high-quality kitchen and catering equipment that they offer. They have a very deep understanding of the needs of the hospitality industry and are capable of customizing products to suit the needs of customers.

The company provides excellent state-of-the-art, reliable and durable equipment for the entire hospitality industry. This industry has been the mainstay of many countries, especially those that depend on tourism to a great extent. Australia is a preferred spot for tourists from all over the world and the hospitality industry there has always been on its toes to cater to the ever-growing visitors to its shores.

Ian Boer has a huge selection of top-quality equipment that is required for commercial kitchen and catering operations. This equipment is available for direct purchase or long term rental or lease arrangements. They also cater to events and trade shows and fairs that crop up occasionally. One of the advantages of associating with Ian Boer is their ability to customize according to the needs of the clients. They are also associated with specialized equipment manufacturers around the globe from whom they can source the required items.

Given their exceptional expertise built over the past 34 years, they are ideally placed to provide both the best of advice and the best of equipment to their customers. Providing the equipment is only one part of the need, the other part depends on the service they offer. Here too, Ian Boer is known for its excellent service and the huge customer base that they have established over the years reflects this.

Ian Boer has a vast array of kitchen and catering equipment in their inventory. They are stocked with top-quality cooking items like cutting tools, meat cutting stations, mixers, ovens and cooktops, grills, fryers; refrigeration equipment like freezers & fridges; Benches like corner benches, dishwasher benches, kitchen cabinets; beverage units like espresso machines, percolators, juicers; shop displays like cake display case, ice cream display and also washing units like conveyor dishwashers, glass washers, and many other types of equipment.

This is one company that can not only provide exceptional kitchen & catering equipment but also support the venture with top class service.

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