What Is An Ebook?

The computer age has revolutionized the way we do things. Technology has affected every aspect of human life has in some way or other. The age of electronics has encompassed many activities, and today activities like Commerce, Banking, and Ticketing, are influenced by it. This is influenced by man’s desire to do everything from anywhere with the use of a handheld device or desktop.

Reading books is a widespread pastime or vocation of people. To make this pastime easier, eBooks have been introduced.

What is an eBook

An eBook is a book that brings you the information in a digital format.  This information or should I say book, can be downloaded to any of the device you use to compute or communicate.  Therefore, the information can be read from the screen of the device.  The contents you read can have all information that you find in a normal printed book.

The Origin of eBooks are not properly recorded and right from the year 1949, there has been proof of its existence and usage from time to time.  In any case, the scope of this article is not to disseminate the history of eBooks.

The text cannot be edited.

This is the first feature of an eBook.  You are reading the works of an author and, therefore, have no right to change the contents without the permission of the author.  eBooks that are in the public domain are in a format that is not easy to edit.  However, though editing is restricted, in some cases adding notations or highlighting without making any changes to the original is possible.

The text adjusts to the size of the screen

When you read an eBook you will find that the text adjusts to the screen of the device that you read from.  All the information that includes the text, the chapters, and paragraphs will remain the same as in the original book.

The Adobe developed .pdf format is widely used around the globe for its easy readability.  But you cannot change the layout.  Reading a PDF file on an eReader is not a pleasant experience.

You can make your own setting

The layouts are not defined, therefore, you will have the option to customize in accordance to your needs.  You can choose from a couple of fonts and change its size and also change the line spacing option.

The biggest advantage of an eBook is that they enable smooth navigation between chapters and have an in-built dictionary to enable language learning.  Some eBooks have multimedia potential.  The eBooks can be carried around easily and can be read while holding with one hand.

The eBooks have provided great advantages to all those people who enjoy reading on the move anywhere, anytime.  Use all you can books and keep your favorite books with you always.

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